Jesus The Babysitter

So we’ve raised the money to get on the waiting list… YAY PRAISE GOD… but what happens now?

Since so many of you are eager to know how it works from here, I just wanted to write a quick blog to explain what the next few months will be like for us AND let you know how you can specifically pray for us and Baby Q. I’m a big believer in naming your prayers and asking God for specifics (like $5k for example!), so I think it’s important to give you as many details as possible, after all, we are a team! 


All summer long Jeremy and I have been working diligently on the beginning process of adoption and we have been super productive, if I do say so myself! We started the process in June and had a goal of having all the paperwork, visits, doctor appointments and profile design done by September 1st. Three months is tight, and it was a very busy summer, but I am happy to say we are on track! 

The last piece of the puzzle is our adoption profile video. This is a video that look us around 30 days to shoot. We interviewed ourselves as a couple and individuals as well as three families we are close to. We also shot footage of ourselves around our beautiful city doing what we love: kayaking, biking, hanging out on the beach, and playing with our dog. Once our part was done, we sent that video off to our agency to be edited for our profile.

Well… that video should be done by Monday or Tuesday this week which means WE WILL FINALLY BE FINISHED! CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, C’MON! 

I should be getting an email Monday or Tuesday saying the process is complete. Attached to that email will be two sets of paperwork that will need to be filled out, notarized, and mailed in. These are our activation papers.

Once we mail those packets in… WE WILL BE ACTIVELY ON THE WAITING LIST! 


With American Adoptions, the average wait time for a baby to be in your arms and in your home (“placement”) is just 3-12 months. SO, I could be “pregnant” already or I could possibly be “pregnant” in a couple of months. Either way, Baby Q. is on his or her way! 

How can you help?

Once we are on the waiting list we could literally get a call ANY DAY. ANY DAY. I said ANY DAY. I am going to be an anxious mess, people. I am going to jump each time my phone rings! We could get a call in October or get a call next June… our baby could be here before we know it, or we could find ourself waiting… again. 

So, we need your prayers. 

1.) Please pray for our birth mother. Once we are “matched” and know who she is and what her first name is we will share that bit of info so you can pray for her by name. 

2.) Please pray for us to have patience and strength in the wait. We have been waiting for Baby Q. for three years now, and we are so ready, but we understand God may need to strengthen us more and we are delighted to follow His plan, even if it’s hard. 

3.) Please pray for Baby Q.’s health. We have been specific about only adopting a baby in good health, but you never know with adoption, and we would be grateful for your prayers. 

4.) Please pray for God’s name to be glorified and His Perfect Story to be shared again and again through us. If there’s one thing I know for sure after all of this, it is that God is on the throne. 

One last thing…

You may be wondering how I will get any sleep during the wait. Well, I’ve thought about it and this is my plan: 

I will picture Jesus holding my baby. I will picture Jesus’s beautiful face smiling and looking sweetly into the eyes of my soon-to-be-born son or daughter. You see, I am certain He is already there. I know God goes before me to pave the way to meet our child. I know this because He told me so. So I will lay in my bed at night and have sweet dreams because GOD’S GOT THIS and I can only imagine the beautiful lullabies He is singing to Baby Q. as he rocks him or her to sleep. I will sleep well because until I meet you, Little One, I know Jesus will be your babysitter. 

“Before I formed you in your mother’s womb I chose you.
Before you were born I set you apart.” Jeremiah 1:5

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