Exhausted, Emotional, Embarrassed and Honored.

Sitting and sweating 36,000 feet in the air on a four hour flight from Denver to Florida yesterday, my 16 month old son was inconsolable. He simply could not understand why he had to sit on our laps for that long, after all, just a day ago, he was running up mountain trails and chasing tiny chipmunks. He wasn’t hungry. He wasn’t thirsty. He was super bored, and to top things off, this was his normal nap time, so he was also slap-happy tired. That’s when a very sweet flight attendant came to our sides to ask if she can do anything. Does he want some cookies? Do his ears hurt? Sure, and maybe were my answers, but honestly I knew nothing short of a large grassy area to run around in was going to help. Then she said something that surprised me with tears of joy (which I’m sure she mistook for tears of frustration), she said “Well, you’re not alone. Many have been in this situation before you, and many will after you.”

In my emotional, exhausted, and embarrassed state I all-of-a-sudden felt HONORED.

Two years ago this month my husband and I announced we wanted to adopt a baby but we couldn’t do it alone. What YOU did next was nothing short of a miracle. You did things like hold yoga classes and donate all the money to our fund, you used your time, talents and very expensive camera and computer equipment to shoot and edit a video we could share with the world, you bought t-shirts, you took selfies with he hashtag #TeamBabyQ to push traffic to our Go Fund Me page, you asked your church groups to gather around a couple they never met and shower them with baby gifts, cards and checks, you even used your inheritance to honor your mother by giving a substantial amount of money to our fund. You prayed. You cried when we cried. You rejoiced in every step we took that landed us closer to becoming parents. You asked the right questions. You listened. You hugged us. You were the hope we hung onto to. You reminded us often that this was real, and going to happen. You were such a beautiful picture of love, support and acceptance- you were Jesus.

So, it would happen that on a frustrating flight in the middle of the day at the end of a long week away that I would be overcome with gratitude when a sweet flight attendant said “Many have been in this situation before you, and many will after you.”

Here’s the thing- she had NO IDEA how long I had waited to be emotional, exhausted and embarrassed, and she had no idea how lucky I felt.

We were never meant to do life alone. We were always meant to be there for each other.

I just wanted to take a moment two years later to say THANK YOU. 

Thank you for helping make me a mommy, Jeremy a daddy and Zeke an adored and cherished son. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May God bless you as He has blessed us. In love. In support. In acceptance. May you see His grace and beautiful plan in the most ordinary of moments and may you feel honored that He calls you His.

Sapphire Point, CO 2017

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